CLASS-MON operation

CLASS-MON is an Add-on in the Google Sheets Chrome Webstore.

You can install from the following link: CLASS-MON Chrome Web Store

  • Once the plugin is installed, the first step is to create the template. You can choose between the ACTIVITIES template or the ATTITUDES template.

  • Once the template has been created, access the sheet Activities or Sessions (according to the template chosen) and introduce the activities or sessions that the students will have to carry out.

  • Choose the menu option Create the form and CLASS-MON will automatically create the form with the activities or sessions.

  • Go to the sheet Students and introduce the name of students and their mails. You can Import from Classromm using the CLASS-MON menu.

  • Each time students do an activity or end a session, they must answer the question on the form. You can send the form link by mail or through Classroom.

  • On the Activities sheet or Sessions sheet (according to the template chosen), the link to the form with the pre-filled activity or session appears. It can be copied and pasted in the place where the students consult the tasks.

  • The form is configured to answer only one question at a time. This way the student cannot make a mistake in the question. And with just two clicks we get your perception.

  • The reponses are showed in Monitor-Student sheet. It's possible to order alphabetically or by difficulties.

  • Teacher can grade the activities in Evaluation sheet. You can also add comments with the Insert note option that appears when you right-click on a cell.

  • If the Teacher do it, in the Monitor-Students sheet it will possible order by discrepancies between teacger and students.

  • If you use the Activities template, in the Monitor-Activities sheet it is possible to see which activities are more difficult according to the opinion of the students or according to the evaluation of the teacher.

  • With the Student Link option, you can create a link for each student so that they can see their answers and the teacher's assessment. In the menu there is the option to send this link to students by mail.

  • If you want to add more Activities or Sessions, simply do so on the Activities sheet and then use the menu option to update the form.